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Director Elections

As a cooperative, Polk-Burnett is guided by an elected board of directors who represent its members’ best interest when making policy decisions. Board issues include rates, rights of way and work plans. Board directors serve three-year terms and attend monthly meetings. Director terms expire each year in June and members elect directors to represent them and their district on the co-op board in May.

Co-op members of the co-op have the opportunity to:

  • Run for an open seat on the board
  • Vote for a director to represent you and your district via mail ballot each May

Polk-Burnett board election
An election is held each May to elect district directors.  The election is conducted by mail-ballot and electronic voting.  Your director resides in your district and represents you. He or she serves a three-year term, which expires in June.

Application process 
According to the bylaws, all eligible candidates will appear on the ballot; candidates will not be screened or limited by a screening committee. All candidates who apply for the co-op election will be required to present a petition with at least 10 member signatures to demonstrate support for his or her place on the ballot. Election applications and petitions are due in early March for the May election.

For more information about the Polk-Burnett board election, contact the general manager’s office, 800-421-0283.

The co-op democratic process

  • A cooperative business belongs to members, the people who use its products and services.
  • Co-ops are owned and democratically controlled by their members.
  • If you’re a co-op member, you’re a co-op owner.
  • As a co-op member, you have equal voting rights: one member, one vote.
  • As a co-op member, you have a voice in decision making by voting for board directors.
  • Co-ops are guided by a member-elected board of directors.
  • Member-elected directors represent you and your best interests when making policy decisions for the cooperative.
  • Board responsibilities include annual budgeting and purchasing decisions, system improvements, rate studies and right-of-way procedures.
  • Members elect fellow members to serve as directors.
  • Directors hire the general manager.
  • The general manager oversees day-to-day operations with trusted local employees.
  • Employees provide service to you, the member.


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