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Fee Schedule

Consumer Deposit

A deposit may be required to connect or transfer electric service.  The deposit is fully refundable after a year of good payment history for non-commercial accounts and 24 months for commercial accounts.  The deposit will be equal to four times the average bill at the service location, with a minimum of $400.  

Options to waive deposit:

  • Enroll in Prepay Your Way
  • Provide social security number to enable Polk Burnett to check your utility credit history
  • A 12-month credit reference with excellent payment history from your previous/current electric provider
  • A credit report run within the last 90 days indicating  excellent payment history





Late Payment    


Member Requested Disconnect OR Reconnect


Collection Trip


Disconnect for Non-Payment


Reconnect after Disconnection for Non-Payment,
         if within 2 months of Disconnect


Installation of Interruptible Power Adapter 


Removal of Interruptible Power Adapter


Returned Payment


Meter Tampering



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